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Magic Squares

An experimental linear algebra library for computer vision.

Chinese literature dating from as early as 650 BC tells the legend of Lo Shu or "scroll of the river Lo". In ancient China there was a huge flood. The great king Yu tried to channel the water out to sea where then emerged from the water a turtle with a curious figure/pattern on its shell; circular dots of numbers which were arranged in a three by three grid pattern such that the sum of the numbers in each row, column and diagonal was the same: 15, which is also the number of days in each of the 24 cycles of the Chinese solar year.

This pattern, in a certain way, was used by the people in controlling the river.

Includes python bindings and a set of scripts for processing and viewing PCA calculations, particle filters and other things.

The code contains a few dependancies on OpenCV, but only in the image processing domain. I'm wary of OpenCV after problems with the code on different architectures.

It's not currenly optimised, but simd code is planned for the matrix calculations.

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