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In Game Text

Messages sent from plants and spirits:

i_have_been_planted "bob's clover plant has just germinated!"
i_am_ill "bob's clover plant is feeling ill."
i_have_fruited "bob's clover plant has fruited."
i_have_died "bob's clover plant has died."
i_have_recovered "bob's clover plant has recovered."
i_have_been_picked_by "bob's clover plant has been picked by dave"
your_plant_doesnt_like "bob, your clover plant doesn't like dave's clover plant nearby."
your_plant_needs "bob, your clover plant needs a apple plant nearby for protection."
needs_help "bob, dave's clover plant needs a apple near."
i_am_recovering "bob's clover plant is recovering."
i_am_detrimented_by "bob's clover plant is being harmed by dave's clover plant."
i_am_detrimental_to "bob's clover plant is harming dave's clover plant."
i_am_benefitting_from "bob's clover plant is being helped by dave's apple plant."
i_am_beneficial_to "bob's clover plant is helping dave's apple plant."
thanks_for_helping "bob's clover plant thanks dave's apple plant for helping."
spirit_helper_praise "I'm happy bob's apple plant is providing my plants with protection."
spirit_growing_praise "I'm happy dave's apple plant is growing well."
spirit_flowering_praise "It makes me joyful to see bob's aronia is flowering!"
spirit_fruiting_praise "This aronia plant, sewn by bob I'm glad to announce, has fruited."
spirit_general_praise "dave's wonderful cherry plant is one of my favorite kinds of plant."
ive_asked_x_for_help "bob, I've asked dave to help with your dandelion plant, which is very ill."
i_have_flowered "bob, your clover plant has flowered for the first time, and your score has increased!"
gift_received "bob, you have been given a dandelion fruit by dave!"
gift_sent "bob, you have given a cherry fruit to dave!"

Log format

time player-name action tile-position pos-in-tile extra-info

The extra-info is dependant on the action, e.g. with a planted action its the type of the plant, with a gift action it's the recipient and the type of the fruit.


"Mon Nov 28 14:26:43 EET 2011", "n/a", "server started", "n/a"
"Mon Nov 28 14:27:08 EET 2011", "dave", "login", n/a, 
"Mon Nov 28 14:27:27 EET 2011", "dave", "planted", 0, -1, 1, 4, "aronia",
"Mon Nov 28 14:27:33 EET 2011", "dave", "planted", 0, -1, 1, 3, "aronia",
"Mon Nov 28 14:27:37 EET 2011", "dave", "pick", 0, -1, 1.0, 2.0, "aronia", "Percy",
"Mon Nov 28 14:27:40 EET 2011", "dave", "pick", 0, -1, 1.0, 2.0, "aronia", "Percy",
"Mon Nov 28 14:27:41 EET 2011", "dave", "pick", 0, -1, 1.0, 2.0, "aronia", "Percy",
"Mon Nov 28 14:27:42 EET 2011", "dave", "pick", 0, -1, 1.0, 2.0, "aronia", "Percy",
"Mon Nov 28 14:27:46 EET 2011", "dave", "planted", 0, 0, 1, 0, "aronia",
"Mon Nov 28 14:28:03 EET 2011", "dave", "spirit-gift", n/a, "CoverSpirit", "aronia",