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Initial tests:

For stockholm lirec meeting demo (October 2010):

  • FAtiMA running on the server
  • Clojure integration with FAtiMA
  • FAtiMA world running in clojure
  • Simple client agents, capable of initial emotion display
  • example object (different plants) creation and message passing
  • Running on the server
  • Embeddng in Facebook

Pixelache 2011 public testing (March 2011):

  • Camera thresholding/image segmentation feasibility (dave)
  • Guild selection - plants to fit with aronia berry (lina)
  • Companion skeleton in client (dave)
  • Auto skeleton building in client (dave)
  • Drawing texture extraction (dave)
  • Plant designs (lina)
  • Plant growth animation model (dave)
  • Plant growth frames (lina)
  • FAtiMA responses to events (dave)
  • Companion planting/soil nutrient/disease model on server (dave)
  • Camera character extraction from drawings (dave)


  • Visualisation of pestilence and weather
  • Seasons
  • Adding more regions