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Germination X Character System

For the pixelache event in March 2011 we wish to allow workshop participants from the public to create their own "plant spirit" companions. The companions they create will be driven by the FAtiMA server, and will able to be tested in the game live. This will provide us with a rapid prototyping method for the character design process.

The workshop participants will do this by making drawings of different parts (on the left in the images below) which will then be assembled automatically into characters by a process of scanning (using a web camera) and image segmentation to extract image islands, or components. These components will then be built into rough skeleton forms sticking the components together (on the right in the images below). The topmost component will form the head - from which the other components will follow with a simple intertial model (a bit of a lag).

Participants will also be able to draw substitutions of the head, to allow expression driven by the FAtiMA parameters.