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added Kheng Lee Koay who was missing

Competency Table

Actuation Sensing
Speech/Sound? Visual Movement Object Manipulation Identification Vision Sounds Positioning Distance Internal State
Text to speech Gesture execution Move limb Grasp/Place object User recognition Face detection Speech recogn Localization Obstacle avoidance Power management
Non-verbal sounds Lip sync Follow person Obj recognition Gesture recognition (simple set) Non-verbal sounds Locate person Locate/find obj Competence execution monitoring
Facial expression Navigation Affect recognition (simple set) User proximic distance sensing/control
Gaze/head movement Body tracking
Expressive body behaviour

Competency Coordinators


  • Text to speech - Luis Caldas de Oliveira/INESC-ID
  • Non verbal sounds - Luis Caldas de Oliveira/INESC-ID


  • Gesture execution (robot) - Mariusz Janiak/WRUT (needs future meeting to discuss)
  • Lip sync - (already on greta/icat) Luis Caldas de Oliveira/INESC-ID
  • Facial expression (robot) - Mick Walters/UH


  • Move limb - Mariusz Janiak/WRUT
  • Follow person - Kyron Du-Casse/UH
  • Navigation - Amol Deshmukh/HWU
  • Gaze/head movement - Mick Walters/UH
  • Expressive body behaviour (see also Gesture execution) - Kheng Lee Koay

Object manipulation



  • Face detection - Ginevra Castellano/QMU
  • Gesture recognition - Ginevra Castellano/QMU
  • Affect recognition - Ginevra Castellano/QMU
  • Body tracking - Ruth Aylett/HWU


  • Speech recognition - Luis Caldas de Oliveira/INESC-ID
  • Non verbal sounds - Luis Caldas de Oliveira/INESC-ID


  • Localisation - Amol Deshmukh/HWU
  • Locate/find person - Krzysztof Arent/WRUT


  • Obstacle avoidance - Amol Deshmukh/HWU
  • Locate object (same as grasp/place obj) - ??
  • User proxemic distance - Mick Walters/UH

Internal state

  • Power management - Amol Deshmukh/HWU
  • Competency exectution/monitoring - Ruth Aylett/HWU