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Agent Architecture Use Cases

A collection of detailed examples with which we can run through the architecture and make sure we have the majority of behaviours covered. It's important these examples contain a variety of situations in each scenario and exercise some of the more complex possibilities.

More information on use cases in software engineering:

Recharging use case

Scenario: Team buddy Platform(s): Mobile

Goal (what happens if we are successful)

The robot docks with it's recharging station when it's battery is running low.

Actors (external object which acts on, or is acted on by the system)

1 user present, and a charging station.

Preconditions (the starting state)

Mobile robot in lab environment, battery is low charge.

Steps to perform (what you would expect to happen)

  • Robot recognises it's battery charge is low
  • Locate charging station in room
  • Navigate course to charging station
  • Dock with charging station

Alternate steps (how you would expect it to deal with exceptions)

Route to charging station blocked:

  • Locate user
  • Navigate to proximity of user
  • Notify user that recharge is required