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Agent Architecture Use Cases

A collection of detailed examples with which we can run through the architecture and make sure we have the majority of behaviours covered. It's important these examples contain a variety of situations in each scenario and exercise some of the more complex possibilities.

More information on use cases in software engineering:

Recharging use case

Scenario: Team buddy Platform(s): Mobile


For the robot to successfully dock with it's recharging station when it's battery is running low.


1 user present, and a charging station.


Mobile robot in lab environment, battery is low charge.

Steps to perform

  • Robot recognises it's battery charge is low
  • Locate charging station in room
  • Navigate course to charging station
  • Dock with charging station

Alternate steps

Route to charging station blocked:

  • Locate user
  • Navigate to proximity of user
  • Notify user that recharge is required