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    1 [[Image(3layerArchi.png, 1100px)]] 
     1[[Image(3layerArchi.png, 700px)]] 
     3The above image shows the conceptual functionality of the Lirec agent architecture. The concrete implementation of this architecture consists of 3 sub systems: FAtiMA, CMION and SAMGAR. The following figure gives a broad overview how the 3 systems interact with each other. 
     5[[Image(architecture-overview1.gif, 400px)]] 
     9FAtiMA is the name of the agent’s mind responsible for decision making, planning, memory and emotions. It works on a purely symbolic level. FAtiMA is written in Java.  
     13CMION stands for Competency Management with ION. The main purpose of this system is the translation of symbolic to sub-symblolic information and vice versa. That means CMION is responsible for selecting concrete competencies to perform symbolic commands selected by the mind and providing symbolic perception inputs to the mind. CMION is written in Java and built on top of the [ ION framework].  
     17SAMGAR utilises the [ YARP] framework that supports distributed computation and code re-use by structuring communication between modules (within and between the layers in the architecture). This allows modules with a high computational load to be cleanly decoupled and distributed between computers. SAMGAR adds to the functionality of YARP with a method of encapsulation, allowing multiple instances of identical modules to be present on shared networks without error for differing embodiments, therefore allowing code re-use and the ability for migration, along with a Graphical user interface to allow a more direct and more generic way to alter network parameters outside of hard code. SAMGAR is written in C++.