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15:01 Ticket #42 (user interface images) created by dave
We need some thematic images with which to make buttons and menus from. No …
14:59 Ticket #41 (port to new FAtiMA version) created by dave
12:28 Changeset [1057] by muk7
added scenario for short-term activation-based forgetting


14:55 Changeset [1056] by muk7
formatted display of real time
14:53 Changeset [1055] by muk7
changed real time to actual date & time (was hour of day)
13:19 Changeset [1054] by muk7
changed eventCounter, eventSequence to long


15:16 Changeset [1053] by muk7
included agent simulation time and event counter in XML import/export
15:15 Changeset [1052] by muk7
added get/set methods for event counter
15:14 Changeset [1051] by muk7
added set method for simulation time


11:39 Ticket #40 (more plant types) created by dave
More species of plants for a fuller ecosystem
11:34 Ticket #39 (disease) created by dave
Different plant illnesses need visualising, such as pests.
11:33 Ticket #38 (weather) created by dave
Plants should be affected by weather. How do we visualise this?
11:32 Ticket #37 (different regions) created by dave
New locations with different regional ecosystems
11:24 Ticket #36 (unlock plant species) created by dave
If we consider a linear reward style gameplay system: At the beginning, …
11:19 Ticket #35 (link players to permaculture layers) created by dave
Each player gets a specific variety of plants they are responsible for …
11:15 Ticket #34 (complex event notification) created by dave
You should be notified when: * Another player plants a seed which comes …
11:13 Ticket #33 (simple event notification) created by dave
You should be notified when: * Plants you have planted have fruited, or …
11:12 Ticket #32 (player notification) created by dave
A system for notifying players of events in the world. This could be via …
10:57 Ticket #31 (plant ownership) created by dave
You should be able to tell which plants you have planted as a player …
10:52 Ticket #30 (organise some games testing) created by dave
We need people to test the playability of the game and give feedback. …
10:48 Ticket #29 (main website design) created by dave
A proper location and front page for germination x Needs to include: * …
10:45 Ticket #28 (plant spirit design) created by dave
Plant spirit characters need to express some or all of the following: …
10:16 Ticket #27 (player serverside representation) created by dave
player information on the server - for seeing friend's plants, keeping to …
10:15 Ticket #26 (facebook integration) created by dave
look into facebridgex for haxe or a js/flash remoting route to use the fb …
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18:14 Changeset [1050] by muk7
removed some columns, added cell colouring
16:30 Changeset [1049] by muk7
show selection in GUI
13:44 Changeset [1048] by michael.kriegel
bugfix to prevent starting of samgar competencies that run in the …


16:28 Changeset [1047] by muk7
fixed sorting for numbers
16:27 Changeset [1046] by muk7
removed debug output for activation values
15:16 Changeset [1045] by muk7
added Activation-Based Selection Panel to agent GUI


13:12 Changeset [1044] by muk7
changed serialVersionUID to 1L for conformity
13:06 Changeset [1043] by muk7
fixed a bug with Serializable
13:05 Changeset [1042] by muk7
moved MemoryBaseEmotion? from MemoryLoaderHanlder?


13:27 Changeset [1041] by muk7
added next event id to XML import/export
13:25 Changeset [1040] by muk7
added methods for next event id


14:30 Changeset [1039] by michael.kriegel
MemoryWriter? output stream now closed (so memory xml file will not be in …


17:30 Changeset [1038] by joao.dias
17:28 Changeset [1037] by joao.dias


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