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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#2 Import exisitng codebase(s) assigned defect major All
#6 add load/save to faceclassifier new enhancement major competencies
#7 yarp messages for faceclassifier app new enhancement major competencies
#15 FAtiMA decay stops working after several days new defect major All
#29 main website design new task major germx
#41 port to new FAtiMA version new task major germx
#4 write benchmarking howto new task normal competencies
#5 find a face database with expression new task normal competencies
#8 optimise faceclassifier new enhancement normal competencies
#9 add face expression to faceclassifier new enhancement normal competencies
#11 windows build of faceident/faceclassifier new enhancement normal competencies
#13 integrate face classifier with samgar new enhancement normal competencies
#27 player serverside representation new task normal germx
#30 organise some games testing new task normal germx
#31 plant ownership new task normal germx
#32 player notification new task normal germx
#33 simple event notification new task normal germx
#34 complex event notification new task normal germx
#35 link players to permaculture layers new task normal germx
#36 unlock plant species new task normal germx
#43 stream server data to disk new task normal germx
#10 add scripting language for vision code new enhancement minor competencies
#12 try out LDA for faceclassifier new enhancement minor competencies
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