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(edit) @100   11 years dave added missing files
(edit) @99   11 years dave added forgotten files
(edit) @98   11 years dave added
(edit) @97   11 years dave added the eigen spaces and the rest of the data associated with this, …
(edit) @96   11 years dave Benchmark testing added for the eigen face recognition
(edit) @95   11 years dave eigenface user classification seems to work on the test video
(edit) @94   11 years dave added face classifier application, not working yet
(edit) @93   11 years dave more moving around things
(edit) @92   11 years dave rename
(edit) @91   11 years dave moving stuff around and making a vision lib
(edit) @90   11 years dave PCA updated - projection and resynthesis seem to work
(edit) @89   12 years dave renamed faceident as it's not so simple these days
(edit) @88   12 years dave added cleandeps to the faceident makefile
(edit) @87   12 years dave updated the makefile for the vision code
(edit) @86   12 years dave lots of code added - pca implementation for eigenfaces and lda started
(edit) @85   12 years dave started writing the LDA classifier
(edit) @84   12 years dave multiple image mode greatly improved
(edit) @83   12 years dave small path fix
(edit) @82   12 years dave added some test data
(edit) @81   12 years dave renamed experiments to vision
(edit) @80   12 years dave new makefile and renamed stuff
(edit) @79   12 years dave made an image class
(edit) @76   12 years dave changed file format to xml, experimental multiple image/face matching, …
(edit) @73   12 years dave added
(edit) @72   12 years dave added experimental computer vision code
(edit) @64   12 years iolanda changed a few things to work on both on windows and linux
(edit) @62   12 years dave added idle mode
(edit) @61   12 years dave maybe fixed a bug in the string split
(edit) @59   12 years dave added load/save
(edit) @58   12 years dave added yarp control interface and fixed commandline image scaling
(edit) @42   12 years dave added
(edit) @36   12 years dave updated docs
(edit) @32   12 years dave added a proper scene state which deals with sending yarp bottles
(edit) @31   12 years dave makefile improvements from Marek@WRUT
(edit) @30   12 years dave turned multiple face detect back on
(edit) @29   12 years dave stopped messages sending when training
(edit) @28   12 years dave notified in case of network hang
(edit) @27   12 years dave simple yarp interface added
(edit) @15   12 years dave cleaned up
(edit) @14   12 years dave Proper calibration system, better user interface and fixes
(add) @1   12 years nik reseeding
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