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(edit) @381   10 years myl Added SA operator but there is a bug that cause error in binding the SA …
(edit) @375   10 years michael.kriegel made a few fatima classes serializable, added some debug output to network …
(edit) @369   10 years michael.kriegel added the processing of failed actions to the world simulator remote agent
(edit) @364   10 years michael.kriegel added sending and receiving serialized agent state via socket connection, …
(edit) @361   10 years joao.dias
(edit) @359   10 years joao.dias A lots of changes in conditions so that we can test conditions using …
(edit) @358   10 years joao.dias solved a problem with the display of SemanticMemory?
(edit) @328   10 years myl Added the object field in ActionDetail?. Added speechActMeaning, …
(edit) @327   10 years joao.dias
(edit) @326   10 years joao.dias revamped the socialcondition class. Partially solved the lookat issue. …
(edit) @325   10 years joao.dias
(edit) @324   10 years myl Add all the new classes for generalisation
(edit) @323   10 years myl Spreading activation with generalisation - Find sets of events that …
(edit) @310   10 years joao.dias
(edit) @309   10 years joao.dias minor changes to S.S and C.C return values.
(edit) @308   10 years joao.dias Many changes with emotionconditions, appraisalconditions, occappraisal …
(edit) @302   11 years myl Added the rules to find events with positive or negative desirability
(edit) @300   11 years joao.dias
(edit) @299   11 years joao.dias Added EmotionalIntelligence? package with ActionTendencies? Operators and …
(edit) @298   11 years joao.dias Added Scenario to test EmotionalIntelligence? with Memory
(edit) @290   11 years joao.dias
(edit) @288   11 years myl Added more fields for SA and CC. Not creating new CandidateEvent? instances …
(edit) @286   11 years myl Fixed the repeating goal bug due to inconsistent search keys
(edit) @285   11 years joao.dias Added some tests, to prevent a bug from happening
(edit) @284   11 years joao.dias the appraisal variables of desirability, desirability for other, and …
(edit) @282   11 years myl Added intention and status to the search key in episodicMemory classes and …
(edit) @279   11 years myl Drools installation instruction
(edit) @278   11 years myl source folder
(edit) @277   11 years myl source folder
(edit) @276   11 years myl
(edit) @275   11 years myl
(edit) @274   11 years myl Deleting all the bin folders
(edit) @273   11 years myl Drools
(edit) @271   11 years myl Restructured the memory fields, added intention, status, desirability, …
(edit) @257   11 years myl
(edit) @256   11 years myl
(edit) @255   11 years myl
(edit) @254   11 years myl
(edit) @253   11 years myl Merging the FAtiMA in the branch back to trunk
(edit) @252   11 years myl
(edit) @251   11 years myl
(edit) @240   11 years myl SA and CC mechanisms added as memory processes - in MemoryProcesses?
(edit) @235   11 years myl Memory with Spreading Activation and Compound Cue Mechanisms
(edit) @144   11 years myl
(edit) @139   11 years myl Allow saving and reloading of data more than once
(edit) @78   11 years myl Added an option for variable 'User'
(edit) @71   11 years myl Increased the size of working memory to reduce data movement
(edit) @70   11 years myl
(edit) @69   11 years myl
(edit) @68   11 years myl Assign the current time if the location changes and a new episode is …
(edit) @67   11 years myl In working memory, highlight only new entries related to the current goal
(edit) @66   11 years myl Fixed a bug in GetPossibleBindings?
(edit) @65   11 years myl Added functionality to pause and resume simulation
(edit) @63   11 years myl
(edit) @60   11 years myl Reset the eventID everytime a new episode is created
(edit) @43   11 years myl Added case option on the UserInterface? so that the user, time and location …
(edit) @41   11 years myl Changed some emotional parameters
(edit) @40   11 years myl The changes are highlighted in the interface now. The goals can be reset …
(edit) @39   11 years myl
(edit) @38   11 years myl
(edit) @37   11 years myl
(edit) @35   11 years myl Define two agents, one for each scenario. Can reload previous state now.
(edit) @34   11 years myl Authored the goals and actions for experiment/demo scenarios. Simplified …
(edit) @33   11 years myl Added a functionality to step through the agent processes so that the …
(edit) @13   11 years myl Added a working memory (holds new data or data retrieved from knowledge …
(edit) @5   11 years myl Added FAtiMA.memory package that holds common classes to both …
(edit) @4   11 years myl Location can now be changed and episodes in AM are categorised based on …
(edit) @3   11 years myl Added ShortTermMemory which will contain a limited number of recent events …
(edit) @2   11 years myl Deleted .class in WorldTest? bin folder
(add) @1   11 years nik reseeding
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