Changeset 943

02/11/2011 04:30:43 PM (10 years ago)

Added code to keep old msgs for the server, should fix bug where the GUI doesn't always show a accurate representation of the network

also addid an update gui button to force a check for connections and also a redo connections which will connect unconnected modules if possible, HOPEFULLY these buttons wont be used because of the fix before.

Also had reports of modules not reconnecting when shutdown/restarted, working theory is that these modules do not have a shutdown sequence, forcing the OS to terminate the process in a ugly way. Thus yarp server 3 no longer has an accurate network state, can either force a total recheck of ports to solve this which is very time heavy and can cause crashes if people try to use other functions at the same time, or when a module stops existing to simply check the ports associated with that module. Hopefully both wont be needid.

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