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1<?xml version="1.0" ?>
5<!-- Competency library for the test scenario. Following all competencies
6have to be listed. You need to specify
7a) the class name,
8b) optional parameters that should be passed to the competency during
9construction (assumed parameter type is String, parameters are seperated by comma).
10c) if you include the attribute runInBackground and set it to "true" the competency
11will be started and run in background as soon as it is initialised, it will then however
12not be available to include in competency execution plans, since it will be already
13running in the background. -->
15<Competency ClassName="lirec.level2.competencies.test.TestCompetency1"
16                        ConstructorParameters="" />
17<Competency ClassName="lirec.level2.competencies.test.TestCompetency2" /> 
18<Competency ClassName="lirec.level2.competencies.test.TestCompetency3" /> 
19<Competency ClassName="lirec.level2.competencies.test.TestCompetency4" /> 
20<Competency ClassName="lirec.level2.competencies.test.TestCompetency5"
21                        ConstructorParameters="Pizza,Pasta" />
22<Competency ClassName="lirec.level2.competencies.test.TestCompetency6" RunInBackground="true" />
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