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new separate project for architecture launcher (see comments for previous commit)

1<?xml version="1.0" ?>
3<!-- please edit the following file to change the configuration of the architecture,
4         you can specify the xml file to read the competency manager rules from, the xml
5         file to read the competency library configuration from (e.g. which competencies
6         to load) and the names of Architecture components to load (see comments below) -->
9 CompetencyManagerRulesFile="CompManagerRulesTest.xml"
10 CompetencyLibraryConfigurationFile="CompetencyLibraryTest.xml" >
12 <!-- following a number of architecture components to load can be specified. by
13      specifying their full java class name. Optionally parameters to pass to the
14      constructor of those components can be specified. Parameters are seperated by
15      commas and the assumed type for all parameters is String. The Competency manager,
16      library, execution, WorldModel and BlackBoard loading is hard-coded.
17      The agent mind connector(s) have to be specified here however as well as additional
18      components (for example for monitoring architecture state, remote controlling
19      or additional storage containers, competency loading is specified in the competency
20      library xml file -->
22 <ArchitectureComponent ClassName="lirec.level3.fatima.FAtiMAConnector" ConstructorParameters="" />
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