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Added case option on the UserInterface? so that the user, time and location are changed automatically for different cases without the need to change each individual fields separately

1<Culture name="NoCulture">      
3        <Praiseworthiness>
4                <Action name="GreetBack" value="2"/>   
5                <Action name="Accept" value="2"/>       
6                <Action name="Reject" value="-5"/>     
7                <Action name="Choose" value="2"/>
8                <Action name="TellSensitiveInfo" value="3"/>           
9                <Action name="Ask" value="1"/> 
10                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="greeting" value="3"/>
11                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="introduction" value="2"/>
12                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="welcome" value="2"/>       
13                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="apple" value="3"/>
14                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="banana" value="3"/>
15                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="orange" value="3"/>
16                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="cake" value="3"/> 
17                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="acknowledge" value="1"/>   
18                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="askPreference" value="2"/>
19                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="swearSecrecy" value="4"/> 
20                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="dontTell" value="4"/>     
21                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="hideInfo" value="4"/>     
22                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="party" value="4"/>         
23                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="newJob" value="4"/>
24                <Action name="SpeechAct" parameters="goodbye" value="2"/>                                                                               
25        </Praiseworthiness>     
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