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Added a working memory (holds new data or data retrieved from knowledge base) in the short term memory package. Restructured the KnowledgeBase? and moved the KnowledgeSlot? into main memory package. Ask functions and get bindings are now perform in

1user GreetBack Abbuk
2user GreetWrongly Abbuk
3user GreetBack Errep
4user GreetBack Evui
5user ApproachTree tree
6user UserPickFromGround seedpod
7user UserPickFromGround seedpod1
8user UserPickFromGround seedpod2
9user UserPickFromGround seedpod3
10user UserPickFromGround seedpod4
11user UserPickFromTree seedpod5
12user UserPickFromTree seedpod6
13user PickFromTable drink
14user Eat seedpod
15user Drink liquid
16user AcceptInvitation Abbuk meal
17user RejectInvitation Abbuk meal
18user AcceptFood Abbuk seedpod
19user AcceptFood Abbuk seedpod1
20user AcceptFood Abbuk seedpod2
21user AcceptFood Abbuk seedpod3
22user AcceptFood Abbuk seedpod4
23user RejectOffer Abbuk seedpod
24user RejectOffer Abbuk seedpod1
25user RejectOffer Abbuk seedpod2
26user RejectOffer Abbuk seedpod3
27user RejectOffer Abbuk seedpod4
28user MeteorHit Errep
29user HealDyingSpryte Errep
30user Apologise Abbuk
31user Apologise Errep
32user Apologise Evui
33user GiveAttention Evui
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